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How to achieve perfect classic eyeliner?

How to achieve perfect classic eyeliner?

Posted On November 7, 2014 by

It can be a real challenge for many women to perfectly outline their eyes and make them equal. If you want to make this classic and discreet eye look easily, you should try out “Quick Make-up stencils”.

Follow these simple steps and you will save time and efforts. In only 3 minutes, you will look stunning.

Step one: Put bright shiny eye shadows on the entire eyelid and spread them everywhere.

Step two: Place part number 2 of the “Quick Make-up stencils” on your eyelid. It has to be attached tightly from the beginning to the end of your eye. If you put it close to the lashes, you will make thin and discreet eyeliner. If you lift the stencil up, you will get thicker and bold eyeliner, suitable for night makeup.

Step three: Now fill the empty space with liquid eyeliner or gel and spread well everywhere.

Step four: Now carefully remove the stencil.

Step five: You can also outline the lower eyelid.

Step six: Apply mascara to finish the vision.

Well done! Your makeup is ready easier than ever! Now just clean the stencil with a dry tissue and flip it so you can use it for your other eye.


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