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Dramatic Eye Make-up Dramatic Eye Make-up

Dramatic Eye Make-up

Posted On November 11, 2014 by

This magnificent dramatic makeup is suitable for evening outings and parties. With it you will feel more confident than ever and you will be the queen of the night. With lighter tones it can be used even for everyday make-up.

Be incredible at your next party. With “Quick Make-up Stencils” is so easy to acheive such a beautiful vision. Follow these simple steps to achieve this amazing result:

Step one: With gentle tapping moves, spread on base for makeup and shadows in lighter shade. In this case we use white to have a better contrast to basic eye shadow.

Step two: Place part number 4 of the “Quick Make-up Stencils” on your eyelid. Make sure that it is attached tightly and it is in the desired position.

Step three: While holding the stencil in place, apply dark brown shadow in the empty space. Fill it a few times until you get nice and saturated color.

Step four: Now carefully remove the stencil.

Step five: If you want, you can spread with a brush on the edge of the shadows to get the smoky effect.

Step six: Apply mascara as usual.

This excellent makeup can be combined with eye line as well. It is suitable for all kind of eye shapes. Now just clean the stencil with a dry tissue and flip it so you can use it for your other eye.

You are ready for wonderful experiences!

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