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Fish Tail Line

Fish Tail Line

Posted On November 11, 2014 by

Many women want to have this beautiful and precise double eye line, but it is a very tough and time consuming task. Now this is more than easy and quick by using “Quick Make-up Stencils”. First use stencil number 5 to make Smokey Cat Eye and then follow these steps to achieve even more incredible result.

Step one: You can notice that part number 5 of the “Quick Make-up Stencils” has a rounded shape in one of its ends. Put this end at the end of your eye as shown on picture number 1.

Step two: Use eyeliner to make a thin line along the edge of the stencil.

Step three: Now carefully remove the stencil.

Now just clean the stencil with a dry tissue and flip it so you can use it for your other eye. This wonderful makeup is ready in only 3 minutes. You can already start fluttering your eyelashes like a butterfly.

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