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Almond Eyes Make-up

Almond Eyes Make-up

Posted On November 11, 2014 by

Do you wonder how to achieve this excellent look of almond eyes? The secret is to use saturated color and of course “Quick Make-up Stencils”. This makeup is suitable as for motley eyes as for dark brown eyes. Follow these steps and you will look amazing.

Step one: Put bright shiny eye shadows under the eyebrow and spread them over the entire eyelid. If you use matt shadows instead, you will get more daily vision.

Step two: Place part number 6 of the “Quick Make-up Stencils” on your eyelid and stick it well.

Step three: Fill the empty space with light brown creamy eye shadows.

Step four: Now carefully remove the stencil. Clean it with a dry tissue and flip it so you can use it for your other eye.

Step five: Put mascara as usual.

You are ready! Is there anything easier and swift than using “Quick Make-up Stencils” for stunning and professional result - like a piece of pie?


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