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Filling in Eyebrows

Filling in Eyebrows

Posted On November 11, 2014 by

Filling and shaping eyebrows with a pencil can sometimes be a pretty rough result. That is why we recommend you to use “Quick Make-up Stencils” and eyebrow shadows to get nice and gentle vision.

You will find stencils for the three most common types of eyebrows: small, medium and high. Choose the most appropriate size for you. Put the stencil on your eyebrow and make sure that it is well stuck.

Pinch both ends of the eyebrow with two fingers. Fill the empty space with eyebrow shadows in the color of your eyebrows or one tone lighter. Remove the stencil carefully, flip it and use it for your other eyebrow.

The result is perfect and both eyebrows have the same shape.

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